Monday, September 20, 2010


Many people, men and women feel that excepting help is a sign of weakness. That medication is a last resort option. However, if you have just endured any type of trama, physical or mental. Medication is a typr of treatment. I mean, wy is there a stigma on medication. We don't look at physical therapy and look down upon them, right?

After the twins passed, I refused to take medication, I thought I was strong enough that Medication is for crazy people. But, to face facts, to begin to fully comprehend what I went through. I really needed it. Being on medication has allowed me the clarity to remember my sons. To "take the edge off" and just live.

It took me comprehending suicied to take that step. And had I not heard my daughter Faith, crying, well who knows. I don't consider myself crazy, or abnormal. I just have a unusual life. And I am just trying to bring understanding to others who egnore the pain that many families face.

But I will say this. Once I was on medication, my family supported me. They didn't look down upon me. I thought they would. They knew that I needed medicinal help. I have meet many moms who have lost one or both, who have asked me about taking meds. They say to me "But my mom said that I should get through this myself." Well, I see that point of view and yes it is valid. But, if she hasn't gone through what the new mom has just endured. DON'T LISTEN. Getting help is not a bad thing. and You don't need to be on it for the rest of your life. Can you have a surgery and not have any stitches no. So why is it common to go thorough something that will cause P.T.S.D. and not get any medicinal help to aid you in getting your brain and comprehension back in line.

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