Wednesday, September 29, 2010

bed rest

To think of bed rest is in a word oxymoron. You are not resting while in bed, you are a prisoner.

When you tell people that you are on bed rest, they imagine you lying on the couch eating bon-bons all day.
But it is entirely different.

When you are pregnant and put on bed rest, you tend to freak out. your whole world is shattered. Take the basic mental fear of the dangerous predicament you now find yourself. but the fact that you are a prisoner in your own home. Depending on the severity you might only get 30 min to stand in a day. Left alone with out any human compassion except day time television.

Then when you finally do talk to people, they act like your making it worse then what it really is. Like they know what your dealing with.

I hated bed-rest, the only thing that kept me going was the thought that if I listened, if I did what I was told that I would have my babies.

It's what gets every mother through it.

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  1. I know my mother in law came to visit me at the hospital after my water broke, and I was on bedrest. They came and i was obviously just laying there. and she made the comment " boy, thats what I want to do all day is lay around, must be nice" SERIOUSLY did she say that!!! So i said quickly back " no Id rather be at home with my son and not be here in the hospital at all..." DAH! Meanwhile im just heart broken.